Ensure Safe Construction Sites and Premises

Each year, two or three children alone die after gaining access to construction sites when they shouldn’t have been able to enter them in the first place. Take action today to ensure that your premises are secure.

6 Tips to Help Ensure Safe Construction Sites and Premises

  1. Walk the perimeter of your site and work out how someone could get in, for example, by jumping over a fence or hedge, or by squeezing through any gaps or holes. Ensure that you have a continuous perimeter fence in place, which marks out a clear boundary from adjoining land. It depends on the type of site but, typically, a perimeter fence for a construction site would need to be 2 metres high, and consist of mesh fence or boarding.
  2. Put up adequate signage which warns members of the public about the dangers of the site, and informs them they are not to enter or access the site for any reason.
  3. Remove all keys from workplace vehicles and machinery when the site is closed. Lock away all tools and hazardous substances.
  4. Prevent any items from falling outside of the site boundary, such as tools or building supplies. Use toe boards and nets on scaffolding to prevent this.
  5. Remove any ladders and access equipment from plain sight when the site is closed. Secure them somewhere safely so they cannot be moved or stolen.
  6. Prevent access to excavations and pits by covering them and putting barriers around them.

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