Prevent Work at Height Accidents

Accident can be prevented, if the correct procedures are in place . Check today that your workers are protected when working at height.

Tips to Help Prevent Work at Height Accidents

  1. Undertake a risk assessment to work out the hazards associated with each task involving work at height. Determine how workers could fall, be struck or knocked over, and how items could fall from above onto workers and others at ground level.
  2. Whenever possible, avoid the need for working at height by completing the work from ground level, such as by using extendable tools and equipment. If this cannot be done, think about how best to prevent a fall from happening, for example by the use of edge protection and worker restraint systems. If the risk still remains, look to minimise the distance someone could fall by using safety nets or similar.
  3. Segregate vehicles from work at height activities by using fixed barriers. Ensure that activities are co-ordinated and that vehicles operate at a different time to the work at height activity if there is a risk of collision or contact.
  4. Check you have planned the work properly and that there is a safe system of work in place for workers to follow. Ensure the work at height is adequately supervised by a competent person with knowledge of the risks.
  5. Train workers in the use of work at height equipment and safety measures, and discuss the contents of your risk assessments with them, including the importance of implementing the controls provided to reduce identified risks.

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