Ensure the Safety of Pedestrians Working Near Vehicles

Construction sites and other places of work need to be properly organised in order to prevent an accident occurring. Check your site procedures today to make sure they meet the grade.

  1. Do a risk assessment to identify what could go wrong when pedestrians are near workplace vehicles. Think about how someone could come into contact with a moving vehicle and be crushed or run over, and the work tasks that might bring ground workers into contact with vehicles.
  2. Ensure that all contractors on site are aware of the dangers. Discuss the risk assessment findings with them before they start work on site – for example, during their induction.
  3. Plan the route that vehicles should take carefully – use a one-way system wherever possible and prevent or reduce the need for reversing to take place. Provide suitable parking areas for vehicles who are dropping off goods. Only allow designated vehicles on site.
  4. Segregate pedestrians from vehicles by using suitable walkways which include barriers.
  5. Ensure good visibility at all times. Make sure the site is well-lit, and that pedestrians wear high visibility clothing. Provide signage to show drivers where to go.

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