Slips and Trips

Slipping and tripping are the most significant causes of major workplace injuries and lost working time, therefore it is certainly sensible to undertake a review of the risks within your premises.

The review process should include the collation of all relevant information based upon:


  • documentation review: manufacturers’ data, risk assessments, accident and near miss reports, and complaints received, housekeeping arrangements etc
  • verbal information: interviewing those who were involved in the recent incident as well as others from previous incidents, or those who have had near misses
  • physical evidence: undertaking an inspection, observations of work activities and further investigation of any flooring and traffic routes within the premises.

In larger workplaces, to undertake an effective review, it may be sensible to divide the premise into smaller areas and undertake a “mapping exercise” to identify any particular matters of concern.

Although aimed at Safety Representatives, the Health and Safety Executive (HSE) mapping tool (available at can identify potential hotspots and the potential causes of slips and trips. All relevant data from the documentation review, verbal information and physical information can be used to populate the map of the area under review.

In terms of recommendations, the HSE also has a useful checklist of potential issues and possible action to take in relation to various slip and trip issues.

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