Heatwave warning for employers and employees

We have waited a while for the temperatures to rise, now that they have some people are enjoying it and some are not.

Forecasters say this is the longest period of hot weather since 2006, with no end in sight to the hot, sticky days and long, muggy nights.

With this in mind, employers and their employees should be reminded that heat in the workplace can lead to stress which is an ignored hazard in the workplace, hot environments can also lead to a rise in safety risks. The heat can be linked to lower mental alertness and physical performance, and consequently more injuries.

Have meetings with members of staff and ask for their opinions in relation to their work duties in the heat. Let them feel part of the decision, after all they’re the ones working in these conditions.

Remind them to drink more fluids and to seek guidance if they are feeling stressed.

If you need any advice contact Walker Health and Safety Services.


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