New Year Resolutions – Health and Safety

After over-indulging at Christmas you may feel that dieting and exercise should be your New Year’s resolution. That’s all well and good, but in addition to getting fit, why don’t you do something that could potentially have a lasting positive impact not just for you, but for everyone around you?

If everyone can get through 2014 with the aim of working safely, the benefits could be extensive. From employees to Managing Directors, everyone can do their bit to bring about improvement.

It is important to remember that small steps can help to achieve a health and safety culture.

Now is as good a time as any to decide that you’re going to take that positive step.  Nobody should accept a situation where they know that  a serious accident could occur at any minute, but at the same time, they have not done their bit to do something about it.  Even something as basic as tidying up after making a mess, could have benefits.  Improved housekeeping sends out a clear signal to all staff and visitors and is something that in theory, should be easy to achieve.  Workers at all levels need to have health and safety in the backs of their minds.

Employers must ensure that people are safe during their business activities and that all staff have a level of health and safety understanding. Failure to have policies and procedures can lead to substantial business costs ranging from downtime, reputational damage, absenteeism and of course, personal liability for directors.

Remember, you can do all this at the same time as getting into shape for a marathon!

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