Ensure Your Employees are Safe at the Wheel

  1. Conduct a risk assessment for safe driving, thinking about the controls that need to be in place to avoid driver distraction, such as a blanket ban on using mobile phones when driving.
  2. Check that all workers who drive on company business have the correct driving licence for the vehicle they will be using, and are familiar with the layout of the vehicle’s controls.
  3. Follow up on any accidents or near misses that occur, no matter how minor they are perceived to be, and any convictions such as speeding. Identify if driver distraction was a factor. Consider if refresher training is needed.
  4. Develop a clear policy on when and how mobile devices can be used in vehicles. Ban workers from using phones, hand-held devices and hands-free kits when driving – tell them instead to pull over to a safe place to make or take a call. This also applies to eating and drinking. Where possible, avoid calling workers when you know they will be driving.
  5. Give regular training to workers on the dangers of being distracted at the wheel, from induction through to regular refreshers. You could use the video produced by Thames Valley Police on the above case – you can find it on YouTube and other internet sites.
  6. Provide supervision for workers to ensure they are following company rules when driving – undertake ride-alongs and use the time to educate about good and bad practice.

It is vital that your workers are aware of the risks posed by looking at mobile phones or other devices when driving as part of their work activities – give them the necessary training today.

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