Five questions to ask about the personal safety of your staff

In any business, some members of staff will me more at risk from violence, crime and abuse.

Here are five key questions to determine where the risks lie within your organisation:

  • Do your employees carry out any tasks that could put them at risk? For example – Do they deal with cash or carry expensive gadgets?
  • Could the location where your employees work put them at risk? For example – Do they work in remote locations or high crime areas? Are they in frontline positions, such as on reception, alone for all or part of the day?
  • Does someone in the organisation know where they are and who they are with at all times – and if they don’t return to the office/respond to your calls/arrive at an appointment when expected, does their manager/colleagues know what action to take?
  • Have any staff who may have to deal with violence and aggression had sufficient training in how to defuse it or contain it until they can either exit the situation or help can get to them?
  • Is there a suitable written personal safety policy in place within the organisation, which specifies identified risks to staff and how they are to be managed? And do the managers and staff know about it?

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