Don’t Get Caught Out by Unregistered Gas Engineers

Never allow anyone to undertake work on gas items if they do not have the necessary qualifications, competence and registration to do so. Fires and explosions have happened before in workplaces and domestic premises – some with fatal consequences – for these very reasons.

  1. As an employer (or landlord) you need to ensure that all installations, maintenance checks and repairs of gas items are carried out by a registered Gas Safe engineer. Ask for the individual’s ID before they start the job – you can verify their registration number by checking on the Gas Safe Register website
  2. Make sure that the engineer is actually authorised to carry out the type of work you want them to do by checking the back of their Gas Safe registration card – this will state whether they are licensed to work on gas fires or boilers, for example.
  3. Check their card also for the expiry date of their registration – if it has expired, they should not undertake the work.
  4. Ensure that the work has been properly planned before the job starts. Confirm that the engineer has completed a risk assessment and has considered the potential hazards of the work, such as the location of any asbestos or electrical wiring and the control measures needed to eliminate or reduce the risk.
  5. Ask other companies if they can recommend a Gas Safe contractor they have used before who did a good job and – importantly – worked in a safe manner.

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