Ensure Employees follow Your Training: 5 Top Tips

Investing in the training of staff benefits both the worker and the company, and can help to keep the workplace safe for everyone – but it could all be for nothing if that training is not put into practice.

Make sure you take steps to ensure that your staff follow the right procedures.

  1. Make sure all staff attend relevant training sessions, and use signing in sheets to confirm their attendance. Make it someone’s job to check attendance rates, and to follow up with those who did not attend to find out why.
  2. Ensure that your training sessions are relevant, they include the necessary information and are pitched at the right level. Ask for feedback on sessions to see what worked and what didn’t.
  3. Consider in advance why staff might not follow their training in practice, or deviate from working procedures. Are there short cuts that can be made? Is there a language barrier? Perhaps staff did not understand how they should have used the information they were given.
  4. Confirm what level of supervision staff are given when undertaking their work activities – often staff can devise their own ways of working if there is no clear direction from management.
  5. Make sure management staff are clear on what is expected of them, and how they need to tackle non-compliance of procedures when staff flout the rules.

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