Staff Working with Machinery

Hundreds of accidents happen each year because machines are not properly guarded. Some people escape with dislocations or amputations – others aren’t so lucky. Take time today to make sure that all of the machinery on your premises is properly guarded.

5 Top Tips Protect Staff Working with Machinery

  1. Make sure all machines have been thoroughly risk assessed to identify any potential for people to become trapped, caught or entangled within them, and the necessary controls to prevent this from happening.
  2. Ensure that all parts of machines are properly guarded. Fixed guarding is best, as this is much harder for workers to defeat or adapt. Regularly check that guarding is in place, and that it is in a good condition – put machines out of action until broken or removed guards have been replaced.
  3. Develop safe systems of work and communicate these to your employees. Provide adequate levels of supervision to all workers, especially those that may be new to the job and unsure of the dangers.
  4. Give training to your employees on the safe use of machines. Make sure they know not to put their hands in to move a blockage, and that they must always turn off machinery at the mains before undertaking maintenance or blockage clearing. Have a policy of keeping the machine key on the operator working on it, to ensure that no one else can turn it on by mistake.
  5. Investigate all accidents and near misses to help identify where your controls might have failed. Record your findings, and the action you have taken to prevent an accident in the future.

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