Ensure the Safety of Your Workers during Loading Operations

5 Tips to Ensure the Safety of Your Workers during Loading Operations

  1. Make sure you have completed a thorough risk assessment to identify how and when workers could be hurt. Look at every step of the procedure – from vehicle movements, loading equipment and the loading operation itself to identify where the hazards are.
  2. Produce a loading plan for every operation, and make sure that the driver of the vehicle knows how the loading operation was performed so that he or she knows how it is to be safely unloaded at the delivery site.
  3. Always load vehicles on level ground, and secure any ramps to stop them moving. Verify with the manufacturer that ramps can take the weight of the load before using them. Make sure the lorry’s brakes are on, and that stabilisers are used.
  4. Train workers to use all loading equipment properly – from forklift trucks and vehicles to access ladders and hoists.
  5. Always make sure that the load is secured properly, otherwise it may shift within the vehicle during transit which could make the vehicle overturn. Pack it properly and use racking, chains or straps (and sheeting if loose contents such as soil could escape).

The heavy equipment often used in loading operations can cause a serious accident or a fatality if not used properly and in a safe manner. Make sure you review your loading procedures to ensure they meet the grade.

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