Competence is Key

5 Tips to Ensure You Hire Competent Contractors

  1. When considering potential contractors for work, always ask to see evidence of their competence – this would include their qualifications and training, affiliations to trade bodies and industry bodies, and examples of previous similar work. Ask about their knowledge of applicable legislation, best practice and industry standards.
  2. Check their references out. Ask previous customers about the contractor’s standard of work, and if they managed health and safety well when on site.
  3. Always make sure that you see proof of the risk assessment relating to the job. Check that company has identified the hazards applicable to both the activity and your particular site.
  4. Make sure the contractor can provide evidence of having safe systems of work in place, and that the precautions and controls they identify as necessary are actually put into place before work starts and throughout the job.
  5. Before work starts, verify what management presence from the company will occur in order to supervise the works. Plan regular meetings to discuss progress, and ensure you have the contact numbers for management personnel in case of a problem on site.

When it comes to health and safety, never take any chances – only allow competent contractors to undertake work on your premises.
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