Tips to Ensure Workers Remain Safe around Vehicles

Being struck by a vehicle in the workplace accounts for a large number of serious and fatal injuries each year. Take action today to ensure that your vehicle operations on site are managed properly, and the risks are controlled.

  1. Identify the risks involved. Think about how someone could be run over, reversed into or hit by moving vehicle parts such as shovels or booms. Implement controls to prevent this happening, such as by improving lighting conditions and training drivers and other workers so they are aware of the operating hazards.
  2. Reduce reversing operations wherever possible. Introduce one way systems, and ensure vehicles follow the designated routes. Use signage for drivers to direct them the correct way. Define the maximum speed limit you want drivers to adhere to, and include this in inductions and regular briefings.
  3. Introduce segregated pedestrian walkways and crossings. Use barriers to stop vehicles using them. Ensure workers do not use headphones or mobile phones when walking on site if there is a risk of being run over – these devices will stop them from being aware of their surroundings.
  4. Introduce aids to enable pedestrians to be seen easily – vehicles should have suitable mirrors and CCTV fitted where appropriate. Workers should wear hi-vis when on site. Fit reversing alarms to vehicles, too.
  5. If using banksmen, protect these workers by ensuring only trained staff fulfil this job.

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