Help Duty Holders Undertake their Health and Safety Responsibilities

5 Tips to Help Duty Holders Undertake their Health and Safety Responsibilities Effectively

  1. Make sure you have a health and safety policy which covers how health and safety risks will be managed and by whom. Include a statement of intent signed by a Director or other senior personnel to show the duty holder’s commitment to managing the risks brought about by the work activities. Include information about how you will access competent advice to enable you to carry out your duties properly.
  2. Undertake risk assessments for all of the work activities to identify hazards within the workplace that could harm employees and others. Work out a plan of how to manage these risks and timescales for doing so. Prioritise significant risk controls first.
  3. Provide written safe systems of work for employees, which determine how the work should be completed safely. Make sure these state the correct equipment, personal protective equipment and trained personnel needed to do the job correctly.
  4. Give employees the training they need to do their work in a safe manner. Make it job specific and tailored to the right people.
  5. Ensure effective communication and consultation with employees. Explain the findings of risk assessments and provide regular briefings or toolbox talks. Ask the views of employees – this can sometimes be the best way to find out about the risks found within the workplace.

Serious accidents can occur when duty holders do not know their health and safety responsibilities and if they fail to carry out their duties accordingly. Don’t let this happen in your workplace.

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