Falls from height – Fragile roof

Falls from height through fragile roofs are all too common. Take steps today to ensure you employ competent contractors and make sure all parties on site work together safely.

Tips for Managing Contractors and Subcontractors

  1. Always check the credentials of contractors before employing them to ensure they are experienced, qualified and competent to do the work. Verify what checks they will carry out on any companies they subcontract work to, to ensure the same applies.
  2. Ensure a risk assessment has been carried out which covers all of the work activities to be undertaken by all parties on site. Make sure the contents are agreed, and that the necessary control measures have been identified.
  3. Make sure clear lines of responsibility are written down in the work plan. Check it states who is responsible for which safety measures, and how and when they will be used, inspected and maintained.
  4. Establish clear lines of communication between all parties from the outset. Make sure the main contractor organises inductions for all workers before they start work on site, and that they intend to hold regular site meetings to discuss safety and health matters.
  5. Provide training for your staff who will deal with contractors in relation to checking their competence and asking the right questions about how the job will be carried out safely.

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