Don’t Ignore HSE Advice or Notices

It is imperative that you always comply with any enforcement given by the HSE, if directors and company owners fail to do so they could end up with a prison sentence.

Tips to Ensure Your Premises are Safe for Workers and Members of the Public

  1. Check the boundaries of your premises to ensure that there are no gaps or holes in fencing and hedging. Lock up your workplace securely at the end of the day and when the site is unoccupied.
  2. Remove the keys from transport and machinery when not in use by trained workers, to prevent unauthorised use.
  3. Lock up gas cylinders in a cage or other similar device, to prevent them being damaged or set fire to. Store flammables such as paint or solvents in a suitable area away from ignition sources, and dispose of waste properly.
  4. Cover up holes and trenches with boards and put guards and barriers around any areas which persons could fall into, including water.
  5. Remove ladders or cover them up with boards to prevent trespassers climbing onto structures and falling from height.
  6. Maintain machinery, work equipment and lifting equipment properly. Stick to defined maintenance and testing schedules, and repair any defects or faults straight away.

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