Toolbox Talk: Health and Safety Policy

Why have this talk?

Part of our legal duties as an employer is to communicate our health and safety policy, while the legal duties for employees is to abide by the policy to ensure the health and safety of everyone.

What will this talk cover? 

The organisation’s policy on health and safety, why it is important and how employees can have an input into the ongoing development of the policy.

Toolbox Talk: Health and Safety Policy

Toolbox Talk: Health and Safety Policy

What is a health and safety policy?
  • An organisation’s health and safety policy sets out how it wants to manage health and safety in the workplace. By law, every organisation must have one.
  • The statement of intent sets objectives to work towards and is usually signed by the head of the organisation.
  • The policy also includes details of who will be responsible for what within the organisation and how the objectives will be achieved: who, what and how.
What does the health and safety policy mean for me?
  • Employees should understand the contents of the policy and follow the guidance and procedures set out by the organisation.
  • By understanding and following the health and safety policy, you help to reduce accidents and incidents at work.
  • As an employee, if you have a doubt or concern about your health and safety in the workplace, you have a legal duty to ask for an explanation from your employer.
  • You should have seen or been told where to find the written health and safety policy on your first day.
Employee consultation
  • Consultation is a two-way process and not just managers/supervisors providing information to you.
  • As an employer we need to listen to and take into account what you say.
  • Inductions, daily briefings and meetings give us a chance to explain what is happening, but we need feedback to ensure action can be taken to continually improve our performance.
Questions for employees
  • From what we have spoken about, what are you likely to see daily that is part of the organisation’s arrangements for managing health and safety?
  • If you wanted to know more about our health and safety policy, where would you find it/who would you ask?
  • How can an understanding of the health and safety policy help you as an employee?
  • When should you ask questions about our health and safety policy?
  • Can you think of any other ways the policy can be communicated to everyone?
  • Why is feedback on our health and safety policy so important?
Do you have any questions for me?

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