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Ways to improve well being in construction

The construction sector is proving to be one of the worst cases for staff well being. In this blog we have looked in to the problem and what solutions are available. There is also some great resources to download click here to skip to these.

Mental Health in Construction

Man with Mental Health issuesWorrying data from the Office of National Statistics found that between 2011 and 2015, of the 13,232 in-work suicides recorded, those within the skilled construction and building trades made up 13.2% – despite construction accounting for little over seven percent of the UK workforce.

Several reasons have been suggested for particularly poor health, safety and well-being figures in the construction industry, including the large numbers of transitory workers. In a workforce which is predominantly male, specific risks associated with male mental health also need to be considered. The “tough guy” image, which is widespread within the construction industry, is very much to blame. Asking for help and opening up about do not come naturally to many of those working in this particular industry. You can imagine eyes glazing over at yet another health and safety induction. Meanwhile, there is a suspicion that some of the smaller companies are less committed to health and safety principles. Continue reading