Display Screen Equipment (DSE)

Many jobs now require the prolonged use of display screen equipment and legislation places specific duties on employers regarding its use. Take a look at our thoroughly revised and updated topic to make sure you are aware of what needs to be done.

Display screen equipment (DSE) is covered by the Health and Safety (Display Screen Equipment) Regulations 1992 (as amended), which promote the safe and effective use of DSE.

All aspects of the equipment and workstation are considered part of work with DSE.

The way in which DSE is used may lead to upper limb disorders, fatigue, stress or eye discomfort.

Excessive force, repetitive activities and poor postures are the three components perceived to be the biggest contributors to ill health associated with DSE work.

Appropriate set up of all features of the workstation can prevent discomfort from work with DSE. Contact us if you require a workstation assessment.

Selection of peripheral items for use with DSE can greatly improve the user’s comfort and effectiveness. Items must be selected for the person or the task to ensure suitability.

Rest breaks and changes of activity are essential in ensuring safe and effective work with DSE.

Checklists can be used to assess DSE work and ensure the workstation is suitable for the user to complete the required tasks.

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