How Do I Identify Employee Health and Safety Training Needs?

As an employer, you have duties under the Health and Safety at Work etc. Act 1974 and the Management of Health and Safety at Work Regulations 1999 to provide health and safety training to workers on recruitment and on being exposed to new risks or new equipment, new technology or new systems of work.

5 Top Tips for Identifying Training Needs

  1. Carry out a training needs analysis of all the roles within your organisation to identify the skills and knowledge needed for people to carry out their work safely. Compare these against current skills and knowledge and identify the gaps. Don’t forget to include temporary employees and contractors. Assess your workers’ willingness to learn and their preferred learning style, e.g. classroom based, on-the-job training, etc.
  2. Your risk assessments must identify hazards and the controls needed to remove or reduce risks to health and safety. In addition to physical safeguards and procedures, your workers must be trained so that they understand hazards and risks and know their part in tackling them. Young workers are a vulnerable group and will require extra training, so ensure you consider their specific needs within your risk assessment. Migrant workers are also vulnerable and you will need to satisfy yourself that they have understood the training they have been given. Pictures and diagrams may be useful in helping deliver any training messages.
  3. If you are not competent to deliver training in house, you will need outside help. The law requires you to have access to suitable, competent advice to help you manage health and safety and this includes providing you with advice on health and safety training requirements and your options for meeting them. Training must be carried out in working time and must be paid for by the employer.
  4. Get employees to sign off the training they have received and keep records. The records should indicate the content and duration of the training.
  5. Regularly review the outcome of your training to identify any further training needs and to assess the effectiveness of your training needs analysis. You should also monitor your health and safety performance to identify any problem areas.

Act now to ensure employees are trained to work safely if you want to avoid hefty fines and civil action costs.

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