Fire Prevention and Control Toolbox Talk


Fire Prevention and Control Toolbox Talk

Why have this talk? Fire Prevention and Control Toolbox Talk. Fire kills and injures many people every year. All employees should be aware of their responsibilities to prevent fires and everyone must know what to do in the event of a fire.

What will this talk cover? Fire prevention, actions to take on discovering a fire and what to do if a fire takes hold.

Preventing fires

  • Switch off all electrical equipment at the mains when not in use.
  • Use appropriate sealed containers for any flammable liquids, not open tins or buckets.
  • Follow the permit-to-work procedures for hot work.
  • Ensure you are a safe distance from any possible source of ignition when handling flammable liquids.
  • Use non-combustible stands for gas rings, bitumen boilers, soldering irons, etc.
  • Use heating equipment to hang clothing i.e. electric heaters.
  • Allow waste material to build up in your working area, especially combustible material such as paper, wood and textiles.
  • Smoke in prohibited areas.
  • Overload electrical sockets. Extension leads must be fully extended to avoid overheating.

Actions to take if you discover a fire

  • Raise the alarm and ensure that the fire brigade is called.
  • Close the doors and windows if possible, to prevent the fire from spreading.
  • Evacuate the building or area.

If the fire alarm sounds

  • Confirm how employees will be alerted to a fire.
  • Make sure everyone is aware of the escape route(s).
  • Confirm how employees should evacuate the workplace, eg via the stairs, where to find the designated evacuation point, more commonly known as a “muster point”.

Employees must NOT:

  • Block, lock or obstruct any fire doors or escape routes.
  • Obstruct access to fire extinguishers.
  • Obstruct clearly marked signage for fire exits and escape routes.

REMEMBER: Be aware of the surroundings in your workplace and familiarise yourself with the escape routes and emergency procedures. You won’t have time if a fire breaks out.

Questions for employees

  • Where is the nearest fire call point to sound the alarm?
  • What should you do if you discover a fire?
  • What can we do to prevent fires in the workplace?
  • What two things should you check when using an extension lead?
  • What should we be aware of in terms of fire exits and fire signage?
  • Who are our fire wardens?
  • Where is the muster point?

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