First Aid Box Content

Start 2016 by going through your first aid box.

If you’re ever faced with an emergency, the last thing you would want is to find yourself unprepared so it’s important to plan ahead and make sure you have a well-stocked first-aid kit available in the work place, at home and in the car.

There are plenty of pre-made first aid kits available and many stockists offer kits tailored to specific situations such kits for outdoor activities and ones for in the office. SP Services has a great selection of situation specific first aid kits. 

Whether you buy a pre-made first aid kit or assemble one yourself, SP Services have a list of what to include and to make it even easier to make sure you’re prepared for anything, we’ve taken this information and turned it into a handy graphic. Save it, print it, share it, whatever you need to do to make sure you have these essentials on hand when you need them. Remember to check the contents of your first aid kit regularly and replace any used or out of date items.

Red Cross First Aid Safety Essentials

(Photo from the red cross)


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