Encouraging positivity and productivity at work

It’s said that happy and healthy employees tend to be more motivated at work, but with little sunlight and credit card bills few of us feel cheerful and motivated!

So, how can you encourage positivity and productivity at work?

A healthy working environment

Start with your working environment. We’re not talking about group Yoga classes during your lunch break, just small changes to energise the team and help you all make healthier choices.

  1. Forget the lift and take the stairs. We all know we need to move more, and this is an easy way to stretch your legs and improve circulation
  2. Sitting comfortably? Sort out those desk assessments you’ve been putting off for months; repetitive strain injury and bad posture are no joke
  3. Don’t be S.A.D, get your vitamin D by holding short meetings out in the sunshine or have a meeting on the move. Better still, encourage your team to take breaks outdoors when we’re blessed with sunshine
  4. Add a fruit bowl to your breakout area. Fruit is so much better than a snack from the vending machine, which will only lead to a sugar crash and dip in energy. Folks, we’ve all been there! It’s much easier to opt for fruit when there’s plenty to hand
  5. Treat staff to new re-fillable water bottles. Hydration helps you focus and is a great incentive to ditch fizzy drinks.

Engaging your team

Engaging your team is essential to bringing out the best in them. Convince them that there are opportunities to progress at work, and you’ll motivate them to work hard for you.

  • Share your ideas for the business and get them on board by explaining how their support and knowledge will help achieve those goals
  • Tell them you rely on their input and trust their judgement. People who are invested in a company, are committed to its success
  • Give your team regular feedback and offer training if that’s what they need to get the job done
  • Take an interest in their personal lives, so you’re not just a boss cracking the whip!

Reward hard work

Everyone needs to feel valued. Remember to thank the staff who go the extra mile to get the job done well. After all, if an employee doesn’t feel appreciated they’ll find employment elsewhere – and you don’t want to lose your best team members.

On the other hand, employees who are happy at work will recommend the company to friends and family. Don’t underestimate their power to influence potential future recruits! Your reputation as an employer is hugely important to your company’s success.

Occasionally treating your team to lunch or a fun evening out is another great way of reminding them that their hard work doesn’t go unnoticed. And this brings us to our next, and final point…

The team that socialises together, stays together!

Spending time out of the office/off-site as a team is a great way to improve relationships and get to know each other’s true personalities.

To encourage this, create a social calendar of activities which appeals to everyone. It doesn’t need to be expensive. Bowling, mini golf or team-building games are all great options, but going to the pub after work doesn’t count!

We hope you feel inspired to make some positive changes. Remember your team are your most valuable asset. Taking care of their wellbeing will mean you’ll reap the rewards further down the line.

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