Prevent Falling Storage Items

Prevent Falling Storage Items: 6 Key Tips

  1. Undertake a risk assessment for all stacking and unstacking activities within the workplace. Include control measures for how items at height should be safely accessed without disturbing the balance or stability of the pile.
  2. Develop a safe system of work for stacking. Determine a safe maximum height for stacked items and regularly check that this is not exceeded. Tie unstable items together to help create a more stable pile.
  3. Give staff training on the correct stacking procedure. Ensure they know that any unstable items should be placed with a gentle backwards slope at the top to help prevent them falling.
  4. Make sure you have a plan in place to deal with unforeseen situations such as falls or unstable stock. Prevent any workplace vehicles from knocking into stored items by putting up barriers.
  5. Always check pallets to make sure they are not broken or damaged in any way. Throw away any that are unsuitable – chop them in half before disposing of them to stop them being re-used by someone else. Make sure any pallets used are suitable for the type and weight of the items they are holding.
  6. Regularly check your racking to ensure it is stable, and that the fixings are holding it to the wall/floor correctly. Make sure the maximum safe working load is not exceeded. Racking can deteriorate over time so it is vital to include it as part of your regular workplace inspection.

Many serious and sometimes fatal injuries occur every year when something falls onto a worker. Make sure you secure your stacked items to prevent this happening in your workplace.

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