Tips to Ensure Your Guarding Systems are Fit for Purpose

When properly used, guarding can be an effective control measure that prevents serious injuries and even deaths in the workplace. Take steps today to ensure that your machinery guards are in place, and they work properly.

  1. Carry out a risk assessment to establish where dangerous parts of machinery are that could be accessed by workers (this includes all moving parts that could trap, pull in or sever body parts, for example). Fit suitable guards to these areas and ensure they fit properly, with no gaps.
  2. When installing guarding, make sure it is fixed securely in place, and that workers are not able to remove it unless the work activity requires it, such as during maintenance. Make sure it is part of the job to always replace guarding when finished.
  3. Develop a checking system to ensure that guarding is in a good condition, and it is secured in place properly. Check that bolts and screws are not worn, and the guard itself has not rusted or become weakened in places.
  4. Train workers in how to use guards properly, and how to replace them correctly. If putting guards back on is complex, provide written step-by-step instructions for workers to refer to and supervise them doing it. Explain to workers why guarding is used in the first place, and the dangers of removing it without permission.
  5. Use signage near machinery as a visual prompt, warning workers not to interfere with guards.

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