Ensure Staff are Protected when Dogs are on the Premises

Tips to Ensure Staff are Protected when Dogs are on the Premises

  1. Complete a risk assessment for the dogs you have on site, including guard dogs and visiting pets brought in from home. Consider how someone could be hurt and under what circumstances, for example, if a particular dog has a history of aggression. Have a clear policy on which dogs (if any) are allowed on the premises, and when.
  2. If there is a risk of biting, keep a muzzle on the dog when people are in the area. Make sure the animal is under control at all times, and that the lead and collar are strong enough to not be broken if it pulls.
  3. If people handle dogs or their waste, make sure there are suitable hand washing facilities nearby and bags to pick up faeces. Ringworm can be passed from dogs to humans if the spores are able to enter through breaks in human skin. Keep all dogs wormed and treated for fleas on a regular basis. Keep dogs out of food preparation areas, and clean up fouling immediately.
  4. Display warning signs to alert visitors that a dog is kept on the premises.
  5. Teach staff how to approach the dogs on site. Remember that all animals can be unpredictable, so it may be best for only trained workers to have access to the animals during the course of their work.

Dogs can present a risk to workers and members of the public if they are not properly controlled. Take action today to ensure that your staff are not at risk of being bitten.

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