Top Tips to Prevent Overturning Forklift Trucks

  1. Undertake a suitable and sufficient risk assessment to establish whether a forklift is the best option for the job, or if an alternative piece of equipment could be used such as a cherry picker. Identify any hazards in the intended route which could cause a forklift to overturn, such as ditches, large pot holes or slopes.
  2. Produce a method statement which details how the work must be completed to ensure the safety of workers, including the environmental conditions which must be achieved (such as operations being undertaken in suitable weather conditions).
  3. Ensure only trained workers use forklifts, and that they know how to attach, use and access any man-riding cages properly and distribute the weight of loads correctly.
  4. Provide operating instructions for workers, which include the need to keep to specified speed limits, and to travel slowly down slopes. Ensure operators always keep their eyes on the direction of travel.
  5. Never allow a load to be lifted on a forklift which is heavier than the lift truck’s capacity, and do not allow workers to turn a forklift on a slope, nor travel across the slope.

Many workers have died from being thrown from overturning forklifts, or from being crushed under them as they fall. Take action today to ensure this never happens to anyone on your premises.

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