Protect Employees when Working with Dangerous Machinery

Tips to Protect Employees when Working with Dangerous Machinery

  1. Always do a risk assessment for all activities relating to machinery, such as general operation, cleaning and maintenance. Consider the best controls to implement in order to protect your workers – use a combination of guarding, hold to run processes, emergency stop buttons and safe systems of work to ensure staff do not come into contact with moving dangerous parts.
  2. When installing guarding, always try to use fixed guarding that cannot be easily defeated or removed by workers. Regularly check that guarding is in place, and that it is in a good condition.
  3. Train workers how to safely operate the machinery. Make sure that they know never to put their hand, arm or other part of their body into machinery to clear a blockage. Teach them to always use push sticks or similar items.
  4. Always isolate machinery before attempting to clear a blockage, or to undertake planned or emergency maintenance. Remove keys from machines so that no-one can start them up again by mistake.
  5. Supervise workers who work with dangerous machinery, especially if they are inexperienced or new to the job. Provide written instructions and check that workers understand what they are required to do – regularly check that these instructions are being followed, and that workers are not using short cuts or adapting the process.

Make sure your workers are properly protected – take steps today to provide guarding and safe working practices for your dangerous machinery.

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