Ensure your Machinery Safety Measures Meet the Grade

The safety devices installed by manufacturers are there for a reason – it’s therefore vitally important that all of your employees know not to remove them or adapt them.

Tips to Ensure your Machinery Safety Measures Meet the Grade:

  1. Undertake a risk assessment to identify machinery that your workers use which could give rise to harm – for example items with rotating blades, moving chains or hot components. Check that all items have the necessary guarding in place to prevent access to these dangerous parts. Provide additional safety devices – preferably of the fixed variety – if guarding is not currently in place.
  2. Do not allow employees to remove safety devices installed by the manufacturer. Provide clear information for workers on what the device looks like, how it should be fitted, and why it is in place.
  3. Train workers on how to use equipment properly, and to replace any removed safety devices immediately, for example during specified work such as maintenance or the cleaning of machines.
  4. Supervise workers undertaking machinery tasks and ensure that checks are made on the presence of safety devices before work starts.
  5. Regularly inspect machinery to look for defects, and to check that guarding and other devices are in place and that they are in a good condition. Remove machinery from use until any defects have been remedied, and all safety devices have been put back on.

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