Protect Workers from Falling into Pits and Similar Areas

A fall from height is one of the most common reasons for a workplace fatality – be sure to take the time today to check that everyone on your site is protected from falling into pits and other work spaces.

  1. Do a risk assessment to determine where your fall from height hazards exist. Think about steps, pits, holes and other open areas, and how people could fall into them when working on or near them. Install guard rails and barriers, and hand-holds on stairs.
  2. Mark the edges of all pits and level changes with bright paint. Cover all open pits with boards that are secured down to prevent them moving. Check that coverings can take the weight of anything intended to be put on it.
  3. Ensure good levels of lighting at all times, both inside and outside buildings. Highlight areas where people could fall with signage and prevent unauthorised access. Escort visitors at all times to prevent them wandering into dangerous areas.
  4. Discuss falls from height with workers on induction, and at regular intervals such as during toolbox talks. Supervise worker activities and undertake regular inspections of work areas to ensure that the controls identified in risk assessments relating to falls are being implemented and used correctly.
  5. Look at ways of preventing workers from walking backwards – for example, when guiding vehicles or plant into inspection areas – by avoiding the need for vehicles to reverse. Use designated one-way routes where possible.

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