Mental Health at Work: Quick Facts

This topic provides practical tips on how to put in place workplace policies that support those struggling with their mental health.

Mental health issues are important in the workplace: it is said that one in six people in employment are having mental health problems at any one time. Employers have a key role in managing working conditions that can affect mental health, ensuring that people with mental ill health have the support they need, and taking appropriate steps to combat discrimination and stigma.

  • Taking a positive approach to mental health at work can help to retain valuable and experienced staff, reducing turnover, staffing and training costs. Benefits
  • Line managers should use their management skills to focus on the practical things they can do to help employees who have mental health issues. Key Role of Line Managers
  • Employers must make “reasonable adjustments” to help people with mental health disabilities at work by removing the barriers that stand in their way. Making Reasonable Adjustments
  • Every employer should have a mental health in the workplace policy. Mental Health Policies
  • Employers should provide additional support for an employee who is returning to work after a mental health related illness and requires a rehabilitation programme. Occupational Health

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