Prevent Workers Being Crushed in the Vicinity of Vehicles and Plant

Crush injuries and fatalities sustained from being trapped between two vehicles are all too common – take the time today to check your procedures are not putting your workers at risk.




  1. Do a risk assessment which covers all activities – involving moving and stationary plant and vehicles. Look at how workers could be crushed or trapped, for example if plant was to start without warning, or if it was to reverse towards another vehicle or wall.
  2. Prepare a site plan which details which vehicles and plant are allowed in which areas, and at what time. Don’t assume that a stationary vehicle is not a risk as it could pose a trapping hazard. Plan work activities accordingly to prevent multiple items of plant in the same area.
  3. Provide barriers to keep pedestrians separate from plant and vehicles. Ensure that workers and others keep to designated walkways when moving around site.
  4. Limit reversing operations as much as possible. Introduce a speed limit on site and make sure all drivers know about it and stick to it.
  5. Avoid back-to-back plant activities – use barriers to create work zones and ‘no go’ areas for workers. Ensure that all workers wear high visibility clothing in work areas to make them easy to see.

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