Driving for Better Business

Driving for Better Business

Driving for Better Business

Driving for Better Business (DfBB), the Government campaign group which encourages work-related road safety, has shared a list of eight things to think about in 2021 when managing drivers at work.

The latest lockdown means those who are managing drivers and vehicles will have to continue to adapt to the current situation and possibly the following scenarios.

Increased demands: Increased demands on home delivery networks carry a high risk of driver fatigue and companies have a duty to manage this, and not impose unrealistic work schedules.

Driver recruitment: Many firms providing essential services have had to recruit large numbers of drivers to keep up with demand and this may well continue into 2021.

Wellbeing: At a highly confusing and stressful time, sensitive management of people is essential for their continued welfare and to keep the business running efficiently.

Unused vehicles: With many working from home, company cars may be getting little if any use. Where possible, these vehicles need to be regularly started and moved, and when the restrictions start to lift, plans need to be in place to ensure a thorough pre-use check, including tyres and fluids, for example.

Scheduled maintenance and servicing: Ensuring full vehicle roadworthiness at all times, including during increased workloads, is essential.

Modal shifts: Many changes in working and vehicle use are likely to become more permanent. For example, business car mileage is likely to stay lower overall, with more working from home and the use of online meeting software.

Outsourced deliveries: Smaller businesses have been supplementing their reduced incomes by taking on outsourced delivery work from the large courier firms and utilising their own vans for local deliveries. Vehicle operators need to make sure this is managed properly.

Housekeeping: The start of the new year is an opportunity to review fleet housekeeping, ensuring policies, procedures and record keeping as are as effective as possible, and look for opportunities to improve.

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