2021/2022 Work Related Accidents

Prioritising your legal requirements for employee health is one of the best investments you will make. Not only will this ensure that accidents and injuries are kept to a minimum, but you will also avoid large fines as a result of non-compliance.

After these statistics, the HSE will be hot on the tales of any business who tries to evade their legal responsibilities. So what can you do now to reduce work related accidents and injuries?

  1. Employee a health and safety officer – This may work for some larger businesses but not always for SMEs
  2. Ensure that you have regular risk assessment and monitoring for all parts of your business
  3. Invest in third party compliance services who can help you to implement and control all your health, safety and occupational hygiene needs.

We’re not saying that all businesses don’t take employee health and well being seriously. We know they do! Working closely with our customers, we able to help implement health and safety controls and measures that adhere to HSE legal frameworks.

Along with protecting your workforce from work related accidents and ill health, you also protect your business. The upfront cost of ensuring you achieve your legal requirements is outweighed by the cost of fines, sick days, and the cost of recruiting new employees if someone leaves due to stress or long-term ill health. So if your business needs a once over, we can definitely help.


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