Tips to Keep Your Loads Safe in Transportation

Transported loads can be extremely heavy and the slightest unintended movement can cause vehicles to turn over, or workers to be crushed if the load falls on them. Follow the advice below to make sure that an accident like this doesn’t happen in your workplace.

  1. All drivers must have had training in securing their loads properly. Drivers must also be taught how to drive safely when transporting loads – this includes keeping to set speed limits and taking corners in the correct manner to reduce the potential for overturning.
  2. Make sure you use the correct strapping to hold the load in place. Use either webbing straps or chains – not a mixture of the two. Check straps regularly for damage and before each use. Check the stitching isn’t coming undone and that there are no tears, however small, as this could cause them to fail in use.
  3. Use edge protectors on sharp or rough-edged loads to prevent straps being damaged by the friction when moving over them.
  4. Check that the vehicle bed can take the weight of the intended load, taking into account any additional equipment used to secure the load.
  5. Remember that anchor points should be capable of spreading the weight effectively across the main structure of the vehicle.
  6. Fill trailers tight to the headboard of the vehicle to prevent movement – drivers have been injured when loads have gone into the back of their cab. Restrict any moving parts of a load with restraints as well.
  7. Replace all individual pieces within a restraint system at the same time, to prevent undue stress on any part of the set.

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