Tips to Ensure your Workplace is Safe for Members of the Public

There are many accidents each year involving members of the public on workplace premises. Take action now to make sure your sites are safe for visitors to enter.

Tips to Ensure your Workplace is Safe for Members of the Public:

  1. Do a risk assessment to identify where your hazards are that could harm someone new or unfamiliar to the premises. Think about the layout of the site, and how someone could be run over or knocked into by workplace transport or machinery. Consider the work environment – are there trip hazards, pot holes or projecting objects that could injure someone? Remove these or draw attention to them with barriers and bright paint.
  2. Train workers in the dangers surrounding visitors on site – for example, make them aware of the speed limit in yards – and ensure that they know the safe system of work when undertaking activities. Induct visitors to site before they are allowed onto the premises, and give verbal information to short-term visitors such as customers on anything pertinent to their health and safety.
  3. Conduct regular site inspections to identify any hazards such as missing barriers and broken or loose floor tiles. Record these items and follow them up to ensure they have been rectified.
  4. Provide adequate signage to ensure visitors know where to go, and to highlight dangers such as ‘no go’ areas for non-employees.
  5. Ensure there is clear segregation for pedestrians from workplace transport at all times. Use designated walkways, barriers and lines painted on the floor as appropriate.

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