Ensure Asbestos Removals on Your Premises are Undertaken Safely

Asbestos-related diseases kill many people each year, yet these deaths could be prevented if the correct controls are implemented. Where necessary, only ever use licensed contractors to do removal work involving asbestos in your workplace, and ensure that the work is properly planned.
Tips to Ensure Asbestos Removals on Your Premises are Undertaken Safely

  1. Before undertaking any work, first be sure you know where all of your ACM are and that they actually need to be removed in the first place. If the ACM is in a good condition, it may be a better option to leave it in situ and manage it by regularly checking its condition. Review your situation on an annual basis at least to see if the condition of the material has changed.
  2. Check that the contractor you intend to use has the necessary licence for the type of ACM you need removed – check the HSE website for more information. Ask for references and recommendations from other companies if you are not sure where to start looking.
  3. Ask the contractor for proof of training for individuals, and for the company’s experience in the type of job you want them to do.
  4. View the contractors plan for the removals. Check that the asbestos removal company has undertaken a risk assessment and has produced a method statement which details how the work will be done safely and what control measures will be introduced, including how areas will be contained to prevent the spread of fibres, the emergency procedures if something goes wrong, and the personal protective equipment to be used. Enquire also about how the clean-up will be managed safely.
  5. Share your building plans and asbestos management plans with the contractor so that they can satisfy themselves that they know the layout of the site, and can ask any relevant questions about the job.

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